Thank you for taking the time to explore EcoOccupy: a sustainable tool to  provide corporate real estate occupiers with sustainable real estate decision making insight and support. 

Sustainability in real estate can mean many different things to many people: EcoOccupy is designed for real estate executives, sustainability executives, finance executives and general counsel, all of whom may have a role and responsibility in advancing the sustainability objectives of their respective organization's corporate real estate occupancy.

The interactive tool allows users to select their  sustainability goals and ambitions in 19 global jurisdictions and to understand and navigate the implications around objectives, benefits, timing and responsibilities.  The tool can answer sustainability objectives corporate real estate occupiers want to achieve along three focus areas for easier management:

• Operational and Environmental Building Efficiency
• Occupant Comfort and Well-being
• Reputation of Organization

We hope that you find this a useful and thought-provoking introduction to the initiatives which will help drive your organisation to a more sustainable future. Once you have reviewed the information that the Tool provides, the next steps to implementation are up to you, but our specialised real estate team are available locally to help guide you to achieving your ambitions and would be pleased to hear from you.


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